Styling and wardrobe is an important aspect of your session, it adds a dynamic element that helps each person to shine and brings a cohesive look to your session. Assistance with sourcing and selecting the right outfits for each family member is included in your session fee. Here are some general guidelines and things to think about when it comes to wardrobe.

Choose natural, Textured fabrics

Knitted jumpers, linen rompers, or shirts that have a ribbed fabric or button details for example, photograph well and have more of a natural look and feel, for outdoor shoots especially.

Colours that Compliment

Select colours that work well together and compliment each other, rather than matching exactly. Neutral or earthy tones can work well, with one or two outfits having a pop of colour or a stripe/pattern. Start with one person's outfit (usually mom's) and then pick other shades of that colour or complimentary colours to add for the other outfits.

Avoid logos or busy patterns

Avoid clothing with big name brands, logos or overly busy patterns, as these can be distracting. Though a small motif or stripe can work well to bring variation to solid -colour items. Clothing choices should of course reflect your personality too, so don't be shy to make suggestions when you are planning things out with your photographer.


Outfits that lend themselves to movement, add another dynamic to your images. For example, a dress that can be twirled or a scarf or wrap that can be used to create interest.


Make sure you are dressed comfortably enough to be able to move - to run around with your kids or to be able to crouch down and cuddle them, without feeling too exposed or worried about what your outfit is doing. Solid footwear is best - or bare feet for the kids especially, if it's warm enough.


Unless the session calls for it, choose outfits that are casual and natural instead of too 'dressy'- rather pick a solid white Tee for Dad instead of a stiff button-up , long-sleeve shirt. Paired with a beautiful dress for mom, it will still look classic and tasteful, without it feeling too formal.

Need some more inspiration?

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